Werewolf vs. Vampire Kickstarter Preview

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Werewolf vs. Vampire

Vampire and Werewolf are fighting with unique special abilites for survival of the race in this tactical two player boardgame.

About the Project

Werewolf vs. Vampire is a board game for 2 players set in the dark realm of these creatures. As the eternal fight comes close to an end, it is up to each player to gather a most desired potion to the elder Vampire or to play the Werewolf and outrun the Vampire. Use your special abilities such as transform into bat and wild bite, form your path and block the other, and use your illusion power wisely to be victorious in the fight.

Created by designer Torsten Dinkheller, who was the artist on PC game Gothic and designer of mobile titles like Dungeon Keeper and Secret Files Tunguska, with stunning artwork by Jeff Ward and James Van Schaik, who sculpted the miniatures for Gloomhaven.

Werewolf and Vampire Setting

Each of the two clans in Werewolf vs. Vampire draw you into their world with unique abilities that sets them apart from the others and affects all players‘ strategies.

Werewolf (Bite, Speed) – The natural wild aggression of the Werewolf allows to wreck places and even to destroy the hideout. Adding the speed gives great flexibility and a boost in movement.

Vampire (Illusion, Batform) – Transformed into a bat, the Vampire is able to fly to the next location without using a path. Combined with the Illusion that hides other’s paths, they lure their victim and attack only to rush to the goal from nowhere.

Replayability and Difficulty Level

Each game in Werewolf vs. Vampire is different. There are almost unlimited ways a game works out, still keeping the charm of the setting.
The added luck makes the game great for casual gamers and the skill system keeps it challenging for tactical maniacs over a long time.

What's in the box

  • 1x Gameboard (mat)
  • 2x Figures, Vampire and Werewolf each one
  • 10x Locations
  • 10x Paths
  • 1x Hideout-Path
  • 10x Special Ability Cards
  • 4x Illusion Tokens
  • 2x 10-sided Dice
  • 1x Bag
  • 1x Rulebook

For $40 the Clan Pledge gets you a Werewolf vs. Vampire game as well as any stretch goals we manage to unlock!

Animation Setup

Animation Build Phase

Animation Skill Phase

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